New channel 4 program Mugshots

RDF Television would like to find out if you might be able to help us with a new primetime Channel 4 programme we are producing about crime and anti-social behaviour, called ‘Mugshots.’

We are looking to feature footage from members of the public which has helped the police or other authorities in the fight against crime (for example, incidents filmed on mobile phones or on private security camera systems). The aim is to champion the public’s contribution to catching criminals.

The featured footage will not only show people who have been prosecuted by the police but also those who have not yet been identified and caught. Working in close cooperation with the police, we will seek to bring these individuals to justice by making appeals for information to the public, based on the footage we show, which we will then pass on to the authorities. Finally, we will interview members of the public who have played an active part in solving crime.

Whilst the programme will feature certain high level crimes, its main focus is intended to be the kind of low level anti-social behaviour that can make people’s lives a misery.

As such, we are specifically looking for the following:

* Footage shot by the public which has led to the prosecution of the featured individual(s).
* Stills or footage shot by as yet unidentified members of the public as they carry out criminal or anti-social behaviour, which we could use as the basis of an appeal for information to the public in order to assist the police in his/her identification and arrest.
* Members of the public who are playing an active part in the fight against crime and who would be happy to be interviewed for the programme.

I was hoping your Neighbourhood Watch or Home Watch group might be able to help spread the word about the programme to local residents and see if any of them have stories or footage they would like to talk to us about. We’d also like to speak to any small, local businesses that have had issues and have captured the problem on tape.

Any help or suggestions you could offer would be most warmly welcomed. Please contact me on 020 7013 4041 or Thank you.


One thought on “New channel 4 program Mugshots

  1. Hello Suneil,i have received the e-mail for the conditions of supplying you with the footage so can i sign the e-mail or if i agree send back the e-mail or print it off and then send to you
    rohit gudka

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