New Glasshouse events time-table

We have a splendid community centre with adjoining garden. The contact details are as follows:

The Glasshouse, Parkview Estate, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB, Telefon Hall: 02089810962, Jackie 07947959545, Raymond 07983486903.

From 3rd October 2011 the following program is available to Parkview residents and residents of the surrounding area:


Monday 1-3pm Games afternoon and gardening club
Tuesday 1-3pm Art class, 6-8pm keep fit
Wednesday 10-12pm coffee morning, 1-3pm computer class
Thursday 1-3pm Gardening club
Friday 1-3pm bingo and computer class


Monday 10-12 toddler group, 1-3pm Under 5’s soft-play, 4-6pm children’s art class, 6-8pm boxing, aged 8 and upwards
Tuesday 10-12 toddler group, 4-6pm youth club 5-10 years
Wednesday 6-8pm boxing 8 years and upwards
Thursday 10-12 Toddler group, 1-3pm under 5’s soft-play, 4-6pm youth club 5-10 years
Friday 10-12 Toddler group, 4-6pm children’s gardening, 6-8pm boxing 8years and upwards


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