Joint TRA and NW meeting on 13 September 2011

Dear Residents and business on Parkview Estate.

On the 13 September 2011, the 2 community organisations on the Parkview Estate, namely the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch (NW) and the Parkview Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) will hold a joint meeting whereby both organisations are holding an AGM to re-select the boards if numbers permit.

In attendance will be Councillor Stephanie Eaton. The meeting will take place as usual in the Glasshouse Community Centre at 7pm.

There has now been a change in the regulations that govern volunteering for benefit recipients. If you are on benefits you are no longer restricted in the number of hours you can volunteer. It will not affect your benefit as long as you are still looking for full-time employment and are able to attend an interview within 2 days and can start a job within 7 days. So please do not hesitate to come forward, we need volunteers for both organisations. This means that I am back in my old role from which I had previously resigned.

Please note this is a once only joint meeting of both groups because Neighbourhood Watch needs their own meeting to have enough time to discuss neighbourhood safety issues in the area with all parties concerned.


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