EDL protest marches

As you are aware the Home Secretary Theresa May has issued a blanket ban over 5 London Boroughs against all marches, this now also added the City of London. The police say that anyone who marches on the day will be liable for arrest.

However there is a protest assembly planned on Saturday 3 September at 11am at the corner of Valance Road and Whitechapel Road. The EDL may hold a static protest that does not involve marching. A left-wing group  has protested that the blanket marching ban is against people’s freedoms. Please see here all details of the problems that we can anticipate for the coming weekend.

The Police has also issued a statement on the issue on their website.

I recommend that you stay away from the Whitechapel area on Saturday if you want a quiet day. There is a nice bandstand concert at Victoria Park in the afternoon free of charge for all who wish to relax on the day.


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