MET Police riot up-date

Overnight update

7am 10th August

Last night London did not see the levels of disorder we saw the previous night. Large numbers of officers on the streets prevented incidents occurring.

The MPS has had the largest policing operation since the start of the disorder. Mutual aid was received from 26 forces across the country. 16,000 officers were  deployed over the last 24hrs.

We will continue with similar numbers of officers on the streets of London tonight. This will be reviewed on a daily basis.

The Metropolitan Police Service has now arrested a total of 770 people in connection with violence, disorder and looting. So far 171 people have been charged for a range of offences and we have already started to place people before the courts.  109 prisoners will have been processed through courts overnight. 40 of these have been remanded in custody to appear at Crown Court. 25 of the 109 were juveniles aged 11-15yrs.

The MPS released 20 CCTV images of wanted people. Following this appeal we have already begun to identify the individuals.
A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of starting the large fire at a furniture store in Croydon. The family-run House of Reeves business was burnt down on Monday evening.

Those involved in criminality should be under no illusion that we will pursue you. We have been making arrests all evening and have a team working during the night examining evidence in the coming days in order to bring anyone else responsible for criminal acts to justice.

Officers and staff continue to work long hours at short notice in very challenging circumstances.
We continue to have the plans and resources in place to respond to any further disorder, deal with normal policing across the city and keep Londoners safe.

At 1500 hours today, Commander Rodhouse will be chairing a meeting hosted by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
The purpose of the meeting is to expand on discussions from a previous meeting with business leaders, as well as seeking feedback on the measures that have
been implemented so far. In attendance will be senior representatives from business groups including the Business Retail Consortium, Association of British Insurers, CBI and British Chamber of Commerce, along with Mark Prisk MP, Minster of State for Business and Enterprise, and representatives from London Councils, the Greater London Authority and the Metropolitan Police Authority.

This email has been sent because has been registered for the Metropolitan Police Neighbourhood Link service.


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