Swearing is not an offence

Police officers must have a good reason to arrest a person for an offence other than swearing. Police carry cards on them with instructions that they have not sufficient reason to arrest a person who swears at them. It is just unpleasant to be sworn at and we all experienced it, how bad it makes us feel if someone calls us w…..s, f…..r, s…t, b……d, a…..e.

Most people, I would say the overwhelming majority of us very much appreciate it when the police comes if we need them but sometimes it can become a bad habit to swear at people in uniform especially when they are traffic wardens and officers enforcing yellow lines.

We know some celebs swear on TV a lot but children in general are taught in schools not to. I recommend we treat our officers with respect and do not make their lives more difficult as they already are. Many PCSO officers work voluntarily and without any wage, we must not treat them as second class citizens and always be respectful because they are there for us when we need them.


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