Order waste services online

There now seems to be a service available that allows us to order recycling bags online along with rubbish collections. Apparently the service works by putting in a postcode, street or apartment block. For my address, I could only get a choice by using the apartment block. One then chooses from recycling or rubbish collection. We would like to hear your success stories on this service please.

You can even check online how your request has progressed. You get a reference number in the same format, as all complaints or member’s enquiries are numbered. There is no e-mailing of that reference but if you take it down you can then check on the previously submitted request. Obviously only persons with the reference number can check on the request. You cannot get that reference number e-mailed to you.

We already had several attempts  to resolve the supply of pink recycling bags, we had them stored at the Glasshouse, at One-stop-shops, ordered over the phone for delivery about1 week later, which was then abandoned in favour of making us collect them. Now I wonder how the online odeering system will improve the cost of service delivery and efficiency.

There is now also a clothing bank near the old St. James Housing Office in Bishops Way.



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