Victoria Park improvements

Walking through the Victoria Park yesterday I noticed that the park seemed deserted by the people. Normally, in hot weather like this, the park would be crowded with revellers, seeking to soak up all the sunshine. The improvements works have disrupted the normal social life that developed around the park.

It is also no longer possible at the moment to take the children to any of the 2 playgrounds as both are now closed.  The sign on the larger playground read closed during May 2011 and lists some exciting new changes but it is now June already and the work on it has not even started yet. Many people have remarked to me that they are under the impression, that no work takes place and that the place looks deserted.

Children are void of play areas in the park, which is normally very busy with local kids, especially in the holiday. Children did like the weird and wonderful metallic play frames resembling boats and curly sliders,which have all been removed. However we can see that some wooden structure has started to emerge on the smaller park. Yet the larger one is completely closed. I am concerned that the normally busy social scene around Victoria Park has been completely disrupted and that can have a negative impact on life in the area. The busy lake cafe  still attracts many visitors.

I can see the bandstands being assembled for the concerts though but that doesn’t make up for the disruption of the daily park life. I would like to see a faster pace at which the park is being renovated please. Parents from the surrounding estates cannot take their children to the park to play and I sincerely hope that this is different in the summer holidays.

PS: I have contacted a few people because I am concerned that the lack of progress might have a negative impact on crime rates in the area and it is my first concern to prevent crime and improve the quality of life for residents.


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