Cycling in and around Parkview estate

May I please ask users of the Parkview area to cycle within the high-way code. There is guidance available on the DirectGov website, how to cycle safely. It is in the best interest of children not to be shown bad practise as they get used to cycling in the wrong manner from childhood if their parents show them wrongly to start with.

Cyclists wanting to get from Sewardstone Road to St. James the Less Avenue should not use the small footpath next to the Vicarage, but instead use the road that leads through the estate and into St. James the Less Avenue instead. That is much safer and quicker too, rather than risk running over people on the small footpath between Sankey House and the St. James the Less Vicarage (opposite the back entrance to the Chest Hospital). The safe exist route is further north up St. James the Less Avenue.

It is irresponsible for parents to teach their children and even ride with them on the pavements as they will get used to it. It is only allowed if there are markings on a pavement to show this is for cycling.

This morning I saw a parent from Gatehouse School, about 50ish with a grey bob haircut and her about 10 year old son, using the whole width of the pavement on Approach Road to cycle up towards Sewardstone Road. Both mother and son, cycled next to each other. Another mum came from Victoria Park and cycled on the pavement up Sewardstone Road instead of using the road. There was no risk to her child at all as he was sitting in a trailer.

Please use the cycling code as recommended by the law and do not risk the lives of the elderly, disabled or young. Parkview residents have been run over when they emerged from their dwellings.

I have heard that a rumour is circulating that parents with children are entitled to cycle on the pavement or that children under 16 are not allowed to cycle on the street. This is completely wrong and misleading. Please read the official government guidelines and keep to them.

This problem obviously does not just affect Parkview Estate. Not long ago I observed a cyclist peddling down the busy market in Whitechapel on the pavement. We have seen Boris Johnson and David Cameron do it. I think that especially those affluent cyclists should be a good example wherever they are.

How is a poor East London parents expected to explain to their child that those rich people cycle the wrong way on pavements and do not keep the law and that they are really not clever doing it but they can get a away with it and that it is better to keep to the law and be poor?

I think the council should to more the clearly mark out cycling routes and makes it easier for road users.


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