A new Tower Hamlets policing initiative

The Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association was formed and I was pleased to accept the role of Chair. I wish to contribute and make a positive difference to the lives of residents, business and services in Tower Hamlets. The Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association forms part of the London Neighbourhood Watch Association.

As part of the Big Society policy, a Neighbourhood Watch conference will be held in Wandsworth during Neighbourhood Watch week in June. I shall attend and represent Tower Hamlets as well as Parkview Estate and also gain some very important insights into the Neighbourhood Watch movement.

Under the previous government I took part in the Crime fighters program and undertook training, which was then supported by Gordon Brown who visited the Rich Mix Centre in Bethnal Green to support community crime fighting initiatives. As part of the Crimefighters training at Trafford Hall I met many Neighbourhood Watch coordinators who are active throughout England.

I  have hopes that a Neighbourhood Watch program that rolls out throughout Tower Hamlets will improve satisfaction with policing and can help to reduce crime and help to raise the confidence of the locals in police services. Of course the Neighbourhood Watches work closely with the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in each area.

Contact details are as follows:

Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association, 12 Victoria Park Square, London E2 9NZ, e-mail


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