Latest Tower Hamlets Homes advice

The last THH newsletter titled ‘Open Door’ April/May 2011, asks victims of broken lifts to contact Tower Hamlets Homes directly via the lift help button or a number displayed to be attended to within the hour by THH contractors instead of calling the fire brigade. The article states that it costs £350 to get the fire brigade and relying on THH saves £271.

I have not had an experience with being stuck in a lift and Parkview Neighbourhood Watch would very much like to hear your views on the matter Our next meeting is on 24 May 2011 at 7pm at the Glasshouse Community centre.

Seeing that Tower Hamlets Homes now distributes this very expensive newsletter that seems to replace East End Life we wonder about the costs issue.

Very welcome are the news that some families completed a 13 week course called ‘strengthening families, strengthening communities’ because their children caused ASB. However we do not support a call for compulsory participation in that course for all families. We cannot assume that families in general need advice on how to raise their children properly.


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