It’s the End of East End Life

Parliament passed a resolution yesterday that forbids councils to issue more than 4 newspapers per year. So bye, bye East End Life on a weekly basis. I think it might have a positive effect that interest groups get a better airing and not all views are drowned out by the weekly free-sheet popping through our door, whether we want this or not.

Here is the link to the report in the East London Advertiser who has suffered quite a lot of loss of business I suspect just because people get a free paper each week. But it is not, as previously said about the free paper its about being told what to think each week. It has come to the stage that people only believe what they read in East End Life and if its not in East End Life people won’t accept it. This has important implications on the freedom of the press.

I am glad that the publishing door opens up to all those who want to publish their independent views from the council.


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