Baroness Newlove recommends

The recent change in government brought some interesting proposals from the Communities Champion Baroness Newlove. Especially the proposal that communities should be able to set their own speed limits will delight some of our Parkview Neighbourhood Watch board members. It has frequently been discussed that limiting speed on road around the estate would bring more safety especially also as we have a school on Sewardstone Road.

In the article on the BBC website, further proposals include tax rebates for community members who actively engage in fighting crime and anti-social behaviour as volunteers.

Bling Back, would see money seized from drug dealers given to the community that provided information to secure their conviction. Our local residents cry out to police to reduce drug dealing on our estate and streets and such a proposal would definitely greatly increased people’s willingness to bring drug dealers to justice, when we then can pocket the money that is confiscated from them.

Speaking after the report’s publication, she told the BBC: “For too long now, too many people have either not known how to get involved, have not been listened to when they have tried to speak out, or simply felt that it wasn’t worth it as nothing would ever change.”

This is an impression many people have on the local level wherever they try to get engaged, some top-down management always overrules what local people want.

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch wants to give residents the opportunity to speak out against crime and anti-social behaviour.

However having said that, for us as Neighbourhood Watch, we have to wait till the end of April until the government approves our insurance scheme that we enjoyed in the past. Neighbourhood Watches normally get free public liability insurance for claims over £100.  This delay in government approval means we cannot apply for funding from 1 April 2011 because we have to wait till t he public liability insurance is in place before we can plan for future events.


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