Tower Hamlets Homes housing officer

It seems that our housing officer Alison Brown has vanished, she has not been at work for several  months, so I am told. But why is it that e-mails sent to Alison Brown remain completely unanswered; not even an ‘out-of-office-auto-reply’ comes back when one writes to that housing officer. I do wish the lady well, though I may add.

I think it is shoddy service to allow housing officers to receive e-mails from residents, which remain unanswered. A letter arrived today telling me that any future correspondence should be forwarded to Gillian Bleasdell, Senior Neighbourhood Housing Officer, which I think might apply to all residents in the vicinity.

Since our display boxes were taken down, I am under the impression that communications have even worsened now with Tower Hamlets Homes.


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