MPA carries out ‘Stop and Account’ online survey

You have the opportunity to voice your opinion about ‘stop and search’ till 31 March 2011 through an online questionnaire that the Metropolitan Police Authority MPA conducts.

A Police Community Support Officer PCSO has the power to stop a person and ask them why they are in a particular place, why they are carrying something or why they are behaving in a particular way. This is then recorded for time, date and place and gives also a record of the person stopped. A PCSO cannot search a person stopped. A ‘Stop and Account’ is not the same as ‘Stop and Search’.

If you have been subjected to a ‘Stop and Account’ you can fill in this online survey to help the MPA carry out important research that will help them in deciding whether stop and accounts still need to be formally recorded, as not recording this will save police time.

If you would like to give your views per phone, please ring 020 7202 0147.  The link also shows an e-mail address to contact if you wish.


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