Prime Minister’s wife visits Rocky Park

We all know how the amazing community activist Margaret Cox built up Rocky Park and other areas of her communal area. She runs the Community Centre too and won a very deserved prize in the Tower Hamlets in Bloom competition for her garden adjoining the Hollybush Gardens community centre from the Teesdale TRA.

It is great that the Prime Minister’s wife is seen to take an interest in the matters of crowded inner city dwellers. Residents who want to do a bit of gardening, grow their own crops and also want play space for their children.I know from a local resident that the Rocky Park garden was built by removing a play ground for smaller children but have no information what alternative play spaces are available for the kids of that area.

I went to visit Rocky Park myself last year together with Martin Shortis.  Here in Parkview Estate, we have no space available to built a larger gardening project. We have many smaller parcels of land, often planted up with trees. Yet Martin has produced an amazing little compact garden in the community garden adjoining the Glasshouse Community Centre, and now even raised his own greenhouse there. 

Here on Parkview we now have got a playspace for children but due to complicated land rights and the ability to dedicate swats of land for community gardening there is no short-term solution in sight. It will need careful planning and permissions from Tower Hamlets Council to be able to built up a bigger gardening scheme on our estate.  Playgrounds are important to combat the ever increasing threat of obesity in children, especially more so as now playcentres in Tower Hamlets are being closed.

I was offered a grant in November 2010 to be spent by February 2011 for gardening when we had one of the coldest winters on record and therefore the project flopped also because we could not sort out the usage rights for land in time. For those interested in gardening please contact Martin via the TRA.


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