Police increases help for vulnerable victims of anti-social crime

Read for yourself the original report about this Home Office initiative to help the most vulnerable victims of anti-social behaviour in a pilot scheme  that lasts till July 2011 to help set up an effective logging system of calls for help from vulnerable people.

Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire said: “It is not acceptable that those most in need either slip through the net or are plain ignored.

“The technology exists to allow agencies to introduce a smart way of handling such complaints and a simple way of sharing information – they need to use it.

“It is essential those who raise the alarm and ask for help are listened to and their complaints acted upon promptly.”

Home Secretary Theresa May has said the government’s approach to tackling anti-social behaviour must be turned on its head, with strong community action being used to bring back a sense of personal and social responsibility.

She has vowed to make anti-social behaviour “unusual, abnormal and something to stand up to”.

Please also come to our next neighbourhood watch meeting on 1 March 2011 to discuss how you can help making our community a safer place to live and help those most vulnerable.


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