No water at all

some residents in Rosebery House have no water at all today. No drinking or other domestic water that supplies toilet cisterns or bathroom taps. There are no public water taps made available and its very inconvenient for families.

The problem was plain last year when the tank supply pipes on the roofs froze. We were then promised that the pipes had been insulated just to be told again this year that the insulation is broken and insufficient. Last Friday the frozen pipes had been defrosted saying that the pipes  will be boxed in on Monday, when they should have been boxed in Friday as we are now having severe frost this weekend.

It is extremely unhygienic not to have any water in a flat and no supplies to flush the toilet or do essential cleaning.

I called emergency yesterday to be told there is no staff to deal with the problem. I called again today advising that by now all water supplies have frozen. I called on a neighbour who still has water supplies on another stack and got some water for flushing down the toilet but cannot knock all day to disturb them for this. I now get snow to melt in a bucket for flashing the loo.

Lets hope that contractors melt that ice quickly and insulate those pipes as there is no end to the freeze. Standing pipes should be made available for people to use.


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