fears of increase in crime

Today’s article in the News of the World makes grim reading and predicts increases in crime because of police budget cuts. Already our local Safer Neighbourhoods Police (SNT) team has been cut to 2 PC and 2 PCSO officers.

Whilst I agree that locking offenders up does not solve crime but it will protect victims of crime and that is what justice is all about, it is about stopping people falling victim to crime. I don’t think that criminals will suddenly change heart because they are let out into the community early.

I am very worried that some people might wish to take the law into their own hands and would like to emphasize that Neighbourhood Watches would not under any circumstances support such actions. I propose that all interested in the matter, come to the next open SNT meeting for Bethnal Green North on  January 2011, (see previous post).

Our next Neighbourhood Watch meeting is going to be an AGM that will take place on 25 January 2010 where we, amongst other things can also discuss the prediction from today’s News of the World where we can read that crime is expected to rise by an extra 2.493 crimes per day, that 6.500 prison places are going to be lost. It is predicted that even without the loss of officers, the loss of prison places will lead to 910.000 more crimes.

We as a community will need to engage in a strategy that will not allow the police to massage crime numbers and ensure that our crime protection remains in place. We had achieved that Parkview Estate was put under special measures because of problems mainly to do with drug dealing in the area and do not want to risk a return to previous problems.

The next Parkview Neighbourhood Watch meeting is not till 25 Jan 2011 and all* residents of Parkview estate are cordially invited to the meeting.

I broadly agree that crime cannot be solved by prison alone but taking prison away without a back-up system in place will lead to the predicted increase in crime and more victims and more costs to make good.

*(exceptions apply as notified to those concerned).


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