Water supplies frozen

Again, just like last year, our drinking water supplies in Rosebery House have frozen again, that is the supplies of those who are unlucky enough to depend on the supplies from Tower Hamlets Homes. I understand some owners managed to circumvent the water supply systems in their properties.

Our supplies come through a distribution system on the roof of the building and with increasingly cold winters this system must be overhauled and not left like it year after year.

The way the plumbing works is that it supplies washing machines and gas-fired central heating systems in the flats and those wont’ work either. In effect we now can’t have any heating or use our washing machines, which depend on the cold-water supply from the drinking water taps.

This problem was reported to Tower Hamlets Homes last year and nothing has been done since then to eliminate the problem.  This ould be avoided by changing the water supply method to the old one, when the drinking water came straight from a mains pipe at ground level. Why drinking water is pumped up to the roofs to be re-distributed into the flats through narrow pipes flowing down from the roof is something I never understood to be practical design.  I think residents affected by this method of fresh water supply to their estates should take action to have this problem looked at and resolved on all estates.

It doesn’t help the problem that water pumping stations are built on all estates to pump fresh water up to the top of council blocks when the weather is freezing cold and freezes the water in the pipes, so that it can’t be redistributed to flow back down into individual flats. .


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