Important changes for policing that will affect us

I got it directly from Theresa  May’s  (Home Secretary) e-mail that from 2012 we will get the chance to elect Police & Crime Commissioners, who will replace the faceless police authorities.  Those directly elected Police & Crime Commissioners will set goals and priorities for their police forces, according to the wishes of the public who elect them.

Local police and councils to get more power to deal with disorders and especially alcohol related  disturbances. Theresa May talks of no longer allowing red-tape to get between the police and the communities.

Of course that will give our local Safer Neighbourhood  boards more power because I sit already on there and convey the wishes and problems of the locals to the police. We get to vote what the policing priorities are going to be.  Of course this now starts to make sense when we can also elect who sits at the top of the policing pyramid.

Now that we are no longer tied down by central government policing targets we can help to be more effective in local policing. The police will become more visible, accountable and available.

 I really do hope that we are getting a lot of interest for our Neighbourhood Watch, where we have a real decision making power in the future.

The new measures reverse the liberal alcohol policy of the Labour administration.  Bars will have to pay £4.000- 4.480, to serve alcohol after midnight. Councils will have the power to ban all premises in problem spots from opening late.  There are proposals promised to ban the sale of alcohol below cost price. The late night levy may raise around £15 million but 7 million of that would have to be spent on policing of town centres. Councils will g et the power to strip pubs and clubs of their licences if the public demand it.

I would strongly recommend that you come to Neighbourhood Watch meetings or TRA meetings to voice your concerns because membership on the SNT panels is by invitation only and we can deputize members to SNT panel meetings from interested members of the TRA or Neighbourhood Watch.


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