Energy prices

It might be of interest to you that energy providers are subject to a review. In this article we can read that the average profit margins per energy customer have risen by 38%.  Ofcom will review the domestic energy market to see if customers need more protection.


2 thoughts on “Energy prices

  1. I believe that it is outrageous to put fuels bills up given the profits that these companies have made. They have done this without a thought for pensioners who will not be able to afford these increases and this could lead to more increases in hypothermia. These fuel companies know that we are deep in recession and yet they continue to squeeze the most vulnerable members of our society.

    Ofgem need to look at the 38% increase per customer and really have a look at whether this is justified. But at the end of the day if they do not take action then they may as well not start the investigation in the first place. The head of Ofgem and his family may be able to pay these increases, the poor and the most vulnerable in our societies certainly cannot.

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