local resident deals blow to drug dealers

I was very pleased to read in this week’s East End Life that a tip-off from a local resident led to the discovery of drugs stashed under a communal stairwell in the Waterloo Gardens area on 14 October.

It’s that community awareness that Parkview Neighbourhood Watch wishes to raise in our community. It is that community awareness and willingness to inform police of law breakers that helps to keep us and our children safe and well.

We urge all residents to take a good example on the anonymous hero that told police about that stash of drugs and helped prevent drugs being distributed in our locality. All it takes is a call to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team Tel: 020 8721 2851 Fax 020 8217 6683 or crime stoppers on . There is no need to give your name, you can if you want.

Also very important is that you “immediately” call the police on 999 if you see a crime being committed.

It does help a lot if you are acutely aware and use your power and social responsiblity and call police at that moment in time, when you see the activity going on. That can include someone breaking into a home or shop, someone breaking into a car, people being hurt, damage done.

If you want to be especially helpful please take notes of dates, times and places, write down what repeat offenders look like if you can anticipate the disturbance, especially around well known local trouble spots. We make a notice sheet available on request.


4 thoughts on “local resident deals blow to drug dealers

  1. Why was the building where these drugs were found not mentioned in the East End Life. Surely the residents have a right to know if it was found under their block so that they can watch out for these nasty thugs next time and then report them straight away to the police or crimestoppers. I for one would be intereted in knowing which building these killer drugs were found in and if the nasty thugs are now having their collers felt. These thugs are dealing in death and could also have caused the death of a child.

    • David, I can only congratulate you for the excellent comment. But the finding is now in the past and I have a feeling that those stashes can be anywhere at anytime, which is most unfortunate. We all have to be alert at all times to stop this menace and try to discover drug stashes before children get a chance to get near them. It is more than obvious that drug dealers don’t care whether children can get hold of those deadly drugs or not, that makes them evil. We supply reporting sheets for residents to write down suspicious events to hand that to the police, tell me if you want one.

  2. Thank you for your kind offer would it be possible to email be a notice sheet to my above email address. And hopefully as a community we can do something together to erricate the drugs problem on the estates in our neighbourhood. I think that community participation is esstential in dealing with this serious problem that is a blight on our whole community expecially the old folk and the most volurale people in societey. Lets help to get these thugs of the street so that we can live in peace and saftey.

    • Hi there David you can download the reporting sheet from here
      and thanks again for your interest. do you reside in the area, are you interested to come to our next Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 25 Jan 2011? Even if you do not reside on Parkview Estate but in one of the surrounding areas, you can still come and contribute or even get help in starting your own Neighbourhood Watch.

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