Parkview TRA meeting on 19-10-10

I attended the meeting and heard that the Glasshouse finally received funding for the running of this community venue.

Having attended the SNT panel meeting for Bethnal Green North the week before I was in a position to inform the TRA of the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s strategies in respect of the estate.

the estate officer Mrs Alison Brown was also in attendance and the Tower Hamlets Homes ASB officer who has a long-standing service record as police officer in and around this area and knows it well.

Complaints were made about anti-social behaviour at Pomeroy House, which I passed on to the SNT team but would ask residents to come forward with more specific information and descriptions of the perpetrators. Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has a reporting sheet, which I shall post through the doors of all Pomeroy House residents, which they then can complete and pass onto the police.

The next TRA meeting will be on 7 December, a day prior to the next SNT panel meeting and I would be grateful if people could inform me of any special concerns then to take to the SNT panel meeting.

The Parkview Neighbourhood Watch will also be holding a meeting soon to be announced for the beginning of November, details to follow.


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