Bogus callers

Unfortunately one of our elderly residents was robbed in her home by two burglars pretending to be plumbers. I contacted the SNT and asked if we can help but told that we cannot risk ourselves and become vulnerable victims of such criminals with on-the-spot intervention. Then the SNT gave out a very good and informative and useful leaflet, which I will transcribe here:

It has come to the Safer Neighbourhood Team’s attention that bogus callers are operating in the area. They are pretending to be plumbers in order to gain access to people’s homes. They have been unable to provide ID when challenged.All callers from the water, gas, electricity company or local authority, who may need to enter your home, should have a pass to identify themselves.

Bogus callers will:

  • call unannounced
  • usually work in pairs
  • they will not generally have any type of uniform or arrive in any official van
  • they will not be willing for you to study their identity (if they have any)
  • will try and make you feel under pressure
  • if they gain entry into your home, one will stay with you whilst the other one will go to another part of the house.

If they are working alone, then they will ask you to do something which separates you from them.

Official callers will:

  • try and make an appointment where possible. they will have your personal details on record and will be able to write/phone for an appointment.
  • will only be too happy for you to look at the I.D. they carry.
  • will usually wear a corporate uniform, and may have an official van
  • will understand if you do not let them in, and should not put you under pressure
  • if in the house, will only go to one point, e.g., the gas or electric meter, kitchen stop cock
  • will want you to stay with them.

What you should do:

As soon as there is a knock on the door, STOP and THINK. Who is it? Am I expecting them? Do not let them in unless you are 100% sure they are who they say they are.

If in doubt, keep them out!!!

If you have a visit from anyone whom you think is a bogus caller, or you see people down your road who might be prying on your neighbours then ring 999, and take a description and details of any vehicle that might be involved. Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhood 020 8721 2851


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