the giant who made a wish

wishes in the Victoria Park Lake for fireworks display

wishes float in the park


Today’s Paradise Gardens festival was a master piece of entertainment. There were not only stalls and fanfare, circuses and music bands, there was a giant, not to say s jolly green giant, that went around the grounds, asking people to  make a wish. 

The wishes were collected, equipped with lights and put into Victoria Park Lake so that all the wishes, would float on the lake, had the wind only blowed from South, yet it didn’t and so the wishes were stranded. 

Earlier in the day we saw a wonderful dragonfly and waterlilies sculpture float on the lake, whilst revellers enjoyed the view from the park cafe.  The lake was very pretty with sculptures. 

During thDragonflye day most people went onto the grassed areas to enjoy stalls selling clothes, accessories and gifts, whilst others swarmed onto the big center stage with live music or the New Orleans style jazz tent. 

Dancing exercise were held in one tent and arts and craft on some stalls attracted children and adults alike. Children were invited to craft the wishes that were put into the lake after the parade, that was led by the green giant. 

the Southbank centre was represented giving out free canvas bags, so did Tower Hamlets initiative fit4live also give out bags and grow kits for window box sized salad boxes. 

The theatre showed a production called sorry and there was boxing and daredevil motorcycle stunts in another venue. 

The excellent fun faire was a priceless step back in time with old-fashioned rides, that were only brought into this century by the bumper cars. It was an afternoon full of amazement. The giant went around the grounds encouraging children to make wishes, that were carried with a parade to the lake for the big finale show of the day. 

 Golden birds of paradise 

The fireworks were very original and they had a story to tell. The story of the big giant who begged the moon to help the earth’s Paradise Garden to grow. 


Many people watched in amazement as the moon came out from behind the bushes to get angry with the giant. 

Those who didn’t like the fairytale story around the lake were happy enjoying the music in the jazz tent.   

It was an afternoon full of enjoyment, with a unique and special mixture of entertainment for old and young, men and women and all cultures. There was one big stage with live music bands too. 

A circus performed a special play with the title “sorry” whilst we could enjoy an oldfashioned fun fair, where only the bumper cars reminded us that we are in the 21st century now. 

There was an amazing array of food stalls, that sold foods from around the world. This festival is going on for 2 days in total and people can still enjoy the festivities tomorrow.

Many people made dreams in this tent, in an event that was very well organised and attended by police but the organisers had  their own crowd control in place to keep everybody safe.

The festival was so well made and organised that one started to feel like we were in a paradise or a living fairy tale that stretched across Victoria Park for the afternoon and ended in an amazing fireworks show at night.


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