Latest housing and SNT news

I am quite impressed by the latest Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter, as it is simply, well laid out and informative. Good to get to know the housing officers for our area. I feel that the customer service at 1 Rushmead is quite good now, but have personally little experience with ringing them.

Great improvement to put the monthly estate inspections on the newsletter so that people can get an e-mail when the officers will arrive to do it, yet only about 15% of Tower Hamlets residents do have a computer but it improves on only the display box information because many of us do not have a display box where we live.

I had enquired about the promised communal areal over a period of months and I am most pleased to read that they have been promised with even a deadline of 2012, hopefully just in time for the Olympics.

I had also argued that sheds would improve the situation for bicycle owners who are not allowed to store the cycles in staircases but have not enough room to bring them into the flats. So many get stolen because of lack of storage and tha t increases the workload for our police who have to make increased efforts to curb the black market that exists for stolen bicycles in the area. I am still hopeful though, because the new sheds with the black doors bear very well and also look good.

Everybody I have spoken to is happy with the new front doors, those are only available for tenants and are the latest in chic and safety. I personally think these doors are more helpful than entry door systems, that don’t really keep those out who want to gain entry into a block, as there is always somebody who open the door for people.

The police had paid special attention to drug dealing around Parkview estate and carried out a number of arrests and even prosecutions.

What remains to be talked about are the arrears for the Old Ford Road neighbourhood which is 50.338 : 634.032. Amazingly the 50.338 is the rent arrears figure whilst leaseholders owe a staggering 634.032. Quite rightly something has to be done to help leaseholders pay those arrears as it may affect the quality of our lives if arrears stop improvement works. I understand that friendly payment plans are on offer or will be on offer shortly.

It is remarkable that a new administrative area has been created as Old Ford Neighbourhood, which is not within the boundaries of the usual Councillor’s patches.

To the forthcoming festival season, the council  has negotiated free tickets for Victoria Park residents, which is good for the young when they can get in for free, yet for those that like the park for its tranquility, they are not so pleased because they cannot find any remedy to escape from the noise.


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