The EDF in Tower Hamlets?

I have become aware of an article in The Guardian, warning about the possibility that the English Defence League in short EDF might plan to hold demonstrations in Tower Hamlets, amongst other densely populated areas with high Asian percentages.

From that article I understand that the EDF consists largely of soldiers having served in Afghanistan, trying to warn of radical Islam in areas like Bradford, Tower Hamlets and Newcastle. Yet when I see how flared some tempers are already amongst some younger Asian school children I think what we need is calm and especially so in the summer holidays when kids are out of school. See link to an article when a Christian teacher complained about his working conditions and subsequent sacking. East London Advertiser – Teacher takes Tower Hamlets school to tribunal today.

For us having to reside in this borough we certainly do not need more aggravation and we appreciate a peaceful coexistence with our neighbours. Any demonstrations should be confined by the police and not spill out into the community, a community that certainly does want to live in peace with each other.

Tower Hamlets Council has started the campaign “No Place for Hate” in December 2008 on the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration for Human Rights. The “No Hate” message of course applies equally to all parts of the community.

As Secretary of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch I am very keen to keep our estate as cool, calm and collected as it is and keep out any racial tensions. I urge you to contact me or the local SNT in case of nay worries or queries.

A YouGov poll conducted reveals that 50% of those questioned associate Islam with terrorism, according to this BBC article. 4o% think Islam has a negative impact on British society whilst 70% say Islam helps the repression of women.

I think a useful 2-way dialogue will have to address those concerns and tolerance cannot include sexism and repression and/or terrorism.


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