Keep babies safe from vermin

I read on the BBC news this morning that twins were mauled by a fox that came into the house through an open door and attacked the twins whilst they slept in their cots. Another parent also complains that a fox pounced into the living room of a house and bit a 14-week old child on the head.

We must remember that foxes are animals and as wild animals are potentially killers. I have seen many foxes on the estate and whilst many people are animal lovers and the foxes look cute, they can become very dangerous to small children because they see them as prey. Foxes are so used to being tolerated they do not seem to be scared to dart into a living room in broad daylight and attack a child.

Please keep your doors closed so that foxes cannot come into the properties and attack kids. See here also the Yahoo news report.

A few months ago, when coming back from a meeting, I was askedĀ not to step onto an injured fox laying in a street. Having grown up partly in the country side I know the damage foxes can do to farms and wildlife. Here is an article about how common fox attacks are. I personally never opposed fox hunting.

An up-date is available showing the fox in the home, photographed by a police officer with his mobile phone.


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