Change for Life family event in Victoria Park

It took place on Saturday 5 June 2010 between the Boating Lake and the small playground in the west part of the park. I went with some of my daughters and grandchildren.

The event was well attended and we found play equipment and lots of friendly park rangers that entertained us. There was the stall that held the Victoria Park Quiz. Once one had completed the questions correctly one got a goodie bag an could  enter into a raffle. I won a Twister game; that was lots of fun.

Then you could win a limited edition Change for Life football by completing an equality questionnaire that also contains questions about how you thought about the park.

Once stall gave out fresh fruit,  which was very popular. Another tent allowed drawing, making of butterfly wind chimes and painted flower pots. The music was mainly Reggie and relaxing, soothing and easy on the revellers. A biking area tought skills on going round a course with cones without putting the feet onto the ground.

The grassed areas were littered with play things like skipping ropes, bouncy balls, skittles, softballs, hoola hoops etc. It was a fun afternoon.

One very good leaflet was the one that contained details of the school dinner menues for the summer. So parents know what to expect and children too. There is also a website where one can download the school dinner menues.

Only criticism is the state of the public toilets, none of which flushes, opposite the cafe and when I left the faire I got hit into the throat by a flying frisby.

Well you can’t overdo the health and safety and one has to expect some flying object or another in such a busy playing area, thankfully the frisby was not thrown hard enough to decapitate me.


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