An end to bin taxes

The new Conservative government under Eric Pickles as Community Secretary, works on new legislation that will prevent bin taxes from being levied in the future and current bin taxes are going to be scrapped.

Council estates like ours are in danger of having our bins filled by outsiders that dump their rubbish in our bins to keep to their prescribed amount of waste before having to pay stealth taxes on their excess amount of rubbish.

I am getting a bid fed up with the ever growing mountain of rubbish near the football pitch at the Rosebery House external bin container.

We had heard of fly trippers using council estates to off-load rubbish and have it collected with domestic waste collections schemes. It’s time that these bin laws go because they do not improve the situation but just increase anti-social behaviour, neighbours losing friendships where neighbour’s dump bags of rubbish in each others’ bins.

Council estates could never be targeted for waste disposal rules because there is no way to control how much is put into commonly available rubbish containers that are accessible by all and even non residents. Therefore council estates’ bins are easy targets for excess rubbish dumping.

Whilst I agree we need to cut down on too much packaging and causing green house gas emissions, which are produced by the manufacture of packaging, which is mostly plastic, we have to have rules that are practical. We do rely on purchasing goods from supermarkets, we need the goods packed or have to have more staff in supermarkets that pack and weigh goods for friendlier customer services.


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