A case for Neighbourhood watch funding

In accordance with tradition I would like to express my deep felt sympathies for this Labour member of parliament who was, I understand from this BBC report stabbed twice into the stomach when he held his constituency surgery in Newham.

Such personal, criminal attacks politicians of all stripes have always stuck together and condemned such cowardly attacks on public servants. Considering he has the largest percentage of votes of any MP in the House of Commons. I can’t understand that he has more votes than Gordon Brown. It seems rather ironic that he should also get the most disturbing attack from a constituent, who seemed to be pre-determined to attack him as the stabbing happened at the beginning of the meeting. I think any attack on a democratically elected member of parliament is beyond reason.

More must be done in terms of grassroots police work to diagnose potential problems and Neighbourhood Watches are a very good instrument to achieve that. The BBC this morning compared the attack on Stephen Timms to a plan by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to drop the very intense personal security around him and his family because he feels intimidated to have machine guns around him a lot for personal protection.

I think it is sensible of Mr Cameron to think so, because if a prime minister  cannot feel safe from the people he is supposed to be prime minister for, what is his purpose? My suggestion to invest more on grassroots security in the shape of Neighbourhood Watches, that depend on common sense neighbourly relation and builds on community support is better than to ignore the grassroots work of neighbourhood watches and invest in top level security instead as it has always been done under Labour. Labour have stopped funding Neighbourhood watches, that were traditionally in charge of low level security in the community.

We have seen an increase in communal problems since Labour changed the policing strategy either due to too much paper work or the closure of local police stations, less Bobbies on the beat and policing on demand, that needs to be addressed to get back to the roots of policing and help stem out such personal attacks as Mr Timms unfortunately had to suffer.


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