Election Results

the new member of parliament for Bethnal Green & Bow is Rushanara Ali, Labour

the councillors for the ward of Bethnal Green North are:

Zenith Rahman, Labour 1634 votes
Giancarlo Gibbs, Labour 1586 votes
Stephanie Eaton, Lib Dems 1551 votes

other results are:

Muhammad Abdullah Salique, Labour 1476 votes
Azizur Rahman Kahn, Lib Dens 1316 votes
Richard Alan MacMillan, Lib Dem 1181 votes
Muhammad Ansar Ali Pramanik, Respect 795 votes
Nur Baksh, Conservative , 748 votes
Heather Finlay, Green 595 votes
Syedun Noor, Respect 594 votes
Alan Mak, Conservative 445 votes
Matthew James Smith, Conservative 439 votes
Samuel Peter Goodman Hancocks, Green 371 votes
Shirin Akther Samanta, Respect 314 votes
Ann Edmead, Independent 156 votes

Here is a results page from Tower Hamlets council. Here is the BBC one.  The Notice of Poll is very useful for those wanting details of candidates standing.

Bethnal Green South. 3 seats for Labour
Bethnal Green North. 1 seat for Liberal and 2 seats forLabour
Bow East. 3 seats for Labour
Bow West Ward. 3 seats for Labour
Blackwall & Cubitt Town. 3 seats for Conservative
Bromley By Bow Ward. 3 seats for Labour
East India & Lansbury Ward. 3 seats for Labour
Limehouse Ward. 1 seat for Conservative, 2 seats for Labour
Mile End East Ward. 3 seats for Labour
Mile End & Globetown Ward. 3 seats for Labour
Millwall Ward. 3 seats for Conservative
Shadwell Ward. 1 seat for Respect, 2 seats for Labour
Spitalfields & Banglatown Ward. 3 seats for Labour
St Katharine’s & Wapping. 1 seat for Conservatives and 2 seats for Labour
St Dunstan’s & Stepney Green Ward. 3 seats for Labour
Weavers. 3 seats for Labour
Whitechapel. 3 seats for Labour

The Tower Hamlets electorate have voted Yes in a referendum over the borough having a directly elected Mayor.

They voted 60,758 in favour against 39,857, with a turnout of 62.09%.  A poll will be held in October to elect the first executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

See Tower Hamlets website for full results here

The General election was won by the Conservatives.

Full results are here and broken down to Conservatives 306, Labour 258, Lib Dems 57

 David Cameron has sent me an e-mail and I copy you the relevant parts here:

“But however much pride we can take in the enormous advance, we have to accept that we fell short of an overall majority. I know how much you wanted one – I wanted one too. But now we have to work with what we have. As I have been saying these past couple of days, it is vital Britain gets strong, stable and decisive government. The challenges we face – a war in Afghanistan, the debt crisis and an economy that is stuck, deep social problems, political crisis – call for nothing less. So it is in Britain’s national interest that the Conservative Party rises to this challenge and works to secure good government for our country.

That’s why yesterday, I made a big, open and comprehensive offer to Liberal Democrats. I want – and I believe the country expects – our two parties to work out how we can deliver strong and stable government to tackle Britain’s big and urgent problems. Right now, talks are underway. Inevitably, there will be masses of unfounded speculation in the press, but I wanted to tell you my thinking directly, and I hope I’ll be able to give you direct updates as we move forward.

So first, I want to make clear that I do not believe any future government should give more powers to Brussels, be weak on immigration or put the country’s defences at risk. So we will stand firm on these issues.

But I also believe there are many areas of common ground between us and the Liberal Democrats – such as the need for education reform, building a low-carbon economy, reforming our political system, decentralising power, protecting civil liberties and scrapping ID cards.

There are also areas where I believe we in the Conservative Party can give ground, both in the national interest and in the interests of forging an open and trusting partnership. For example, we want to work with the Liberal Democrats to see how we can afford to reduce taxes on the lowest paid. Of course, we hope to see a similarly constructive approach from the Liberal Democrats – not least on the urgent issue of tackling the deficit.

Inevitably, these negotiations will involve compromise. But that’s what working together in the national interest means. I hope we can sort things out as quickly as possible, for the good of the country. But we won’t rush into any agreement.

We’ve got to make sure that anything that results really is the best possible outcome for Britain – that it really is in the national interest. After all, that’s what this party has always been about. That’s what I’m about. And I know that’s what you want, and what the country wants right now too.

Thank you.” Signed David Cameron


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