Victoria Park improvements

Aren’t we the lucky ones, not only do we live next to Victoria Park but the park will also get a major works improvement to the tune of 12 million. For those that own properties overlooking the park, I suppose it will increase the value of their properties and for others it might do the trick as well. But all of us can enjoy the improved facilities once they are completed. Thanks to the Olympics I’d say. The Canal is now also back with water and we are getting ready for 2012.

I understand that the park will be part of the walker’s route for the Olympic games and also used as cycling route to the games venues.

the restored model boating lake will be very popular for many especially so as a lot of people lost the ability to park cars, so they can put their energy into model engines instead.

A Chinese bridge brings our local park up to Regents Park standards.

What is also very exciting in these times is the option of a Council leader or an elected Mayor. An elected Mayor will definitely put a new dimension into council politics and decisions., but its a democratic decision. The Referendum will be held on 6 May alongside the council and now also government elections.


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