Parkview Growing Scheme

I could not attend that meeting but I have been informed, that it was a great success and volunteers came forward to play a part in greening the estate, growing vegetables and flowers and have fun.

So far the scheme has 12 participants. There is also a compost bin at the Glasshouse garden that people can use and they can also get seeds for their window boxes and balcony gardens.

Martin is looking where to set up raised beds around the estate as we will need permission for areas other than the Glasshouse garden.

All participants should make an effort to compost their vegetable kitchen waste so that we can build up better soil for the future. We will look into this further at our next meeting. There is already a black bin composter in Glasshouse garden for us to use. It is bit of a hike and we should try and site some nearer where we live If anyone wants to do some research on composting to bring to the meeting it would be welcomed.

We meet again at 7PM on Tuesday 16th March to see about the next stage.
Thank you for coming to the meeting,


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