On a personal Note

I became aware about some very disturbing rumours being spread about me in the spring of 2007 and since then further nasty blogs have appeared about me. Whilst we do have Freedom of Speech and expression, which I strongly support, this freedom comes with the responsibility not to destroy another persons good name.

Some of the rumours are outright nasty and sexist and of very bad taste, some are quite frightening and others plain lies.

I will not want to repeat those rumours but what I can make a statement about, is that I am not a “leading” member of the Tower Hamlets Conservative Party.

I do not think that concern for law and order and a pleasant environment to live in, should be connected to any particular political party. I think it is disgusting that certain elements in our country open insult and abuse me, when I am a widowed elderly lady, mother of five children and grandmother of five grandchildren. I am not even tall or strong, and suffer from very poor eyesight, so why all the aggression and attacks on a female individual by a host of mostly men? The language of those blogs is horrible and not even suitable for children to read.

Rumours spread about me by others, I would say they are lunacy and complete rubbish. Nevertheless they are frightening and spread unease among my neighbours. They only appeal to certain elements.

Most of you know me since a long time, I resided in Parkview Estate since 1989, lived on the Wellington Estate before that and spent most of those years raising my children. I also always very strongly engaged myself into combatting anti-social behaviour and I think it was for the best of all involved and we all managed to come through difficult times, which were often created by poverty and lack of resources. Some people were housed in other estates, and I hope people are grateful if they gotten involvement from the local authority who might have helped them. I now am a leading member in the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch and work closely with other community leaders, the police and other council organisations.

We are not a snooping club at the Neighbourhood Watch just to reiterate that.

I have filed several claims for defamation in the High Court and those are still ongoing, therefore I cannot make a lot of comment but just to assure you neighbours who might have become aware of the continuous rumours about me, that I shall determine how lawful they are.

There are now so many blogs spreading ridiculous rumours about me, that I cannot possibly take action against all of them but it just shows what aggravation one is getting, if one is on the side of the law and actively involved at the community level trying to combat crime and anti-social behaviour, some simply want to discredit me to drive people away from working with me on lawful activities.  I would however like to ask you not to allow them to scare us, into not doing anything about anti-social behaviour and crime in the area. We are not letting others intimidate us from trying to keep law and order in the area.

I am working closely with the Home Office on the Community Crime Fighters agenda and would like to ask you to see those rumours as what they are, as utter rubbish and an attempt to discredit my good name and spread defamatory rumours about me to undermine my lawful activities amongst you.


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