Neighbourhood Watch meeting 10 Feb 2010

Here is a quick report about this meeting, that was held on a bitterly cold evening in February and I must thank all that manage to come.

We discussed the problems we had with the previous meetings in the Glasshouse and decided to continue meeting at Ridley House for now. Thanks for the donation to cover the cost.

The constitution will be altered to include a clause whereby severe disruptions of meetings will result in a ban from attending further meetings of the Neighbourhood Watch and that persons causing that disturbance can attend open meetings of the Safer Neighbourhood Police instead. We’ll also include a clause about Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities.

Concerns raised were the traffic situation in Sewardstone Road, as it is very strong traffic flow and some very heavy lorries also use this road. There is no weight restriction on the bridge over the canal in the Old Ford Road.  The visibility for traffic to turn into Old Ford Road from Sewardstone Road is poor.

This also raised concerns about the safety of parents and children attending Gatehouse School and police will make enquiries with the school about this and ask for concerns about this. In that respect, we can see that the heavy traffic flow past St. Elizabeth school was stemmed with a narrowing of the road.

Also to do with the danger the traffic flow in the Sewardstone Road brings is the matter of “No football” signs along the footpath in front of Rosebery House. The signs were removed by THH because they had LBTH on it and Tower Hamlets Homes has not yet managed to replace signs. Whilst it is regrettable that not enough recreational space is available for children to play ball, we cannot compromise their safety by allowing it.

There is a new play space being built near Sidney House and I helped a lot in that process. But it is a government grant that made it possible and we are entitled to a play space as we are the only estate in the area without such a play space. Our children deserve a playground.

Further on we need volunteers to help with the forthcoming crime fighters event. Please contact us.

I post a preliminary agenda for the next meeting please click on the right hand side of this panel.


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