PC Blakelock is never forgotten

I thoroughly welcome the news that another suspect has been arrested on suspicion over the PC Blakelock murder during the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottemham on 6 October 1985. It must never be forgotten and I am glad that our police continuously search for the perpetrators of this despicable crime.

Lets remember it were the residents of a council estate that got involved in rioting in which the police officer was brutally killed. Today we see a new drive of the Home Office to stop anti-social behaviour with lots of events going on around this theme.

That makes me think of our position as Neighbourhood Watch on a local council estate and I try to imagine what it would have been like, if I would have been a Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator on that estate in )October 1985 and wonder whether that Broadwater Farm estate had a Tenants and Residents association in those days and what their stance was in relation to the riots, whether they supported or opposed it.

In the end Neighbourhood Watches are always on the side of the law and even if the residents decide to break the law, we would support our police officers in their duty. Puts it all into a perspective that comparison.


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