New petition about the Habanas area

because there are now no definite plans of what to do with the old City of Paris pub a new petition is making the rounds to ask the Council to secure a more appropriate future for the land and not just for things that cause potential negative impact on the area.

 I have been given a copy of the petition, which I support and I shall bring it along to the meeting on 10 February 2010 in Ridley House at 7:30, so that residents can sign and support it.

What is behind it, is that continuously pubs or restaurants want to use the building for late night entertainment purposes when that is not sustainable in this residential area and we had many protests already. Give us all some peace and make a sensible decision about the venue. The appeal against the decision to refuse a license to the City of Paris is still ongoing. But it can’t do any harm to continue pressure on the council to stop using that building for late night entertainment applications. It is not sustainable here, the most exciting thing in the neighbourhood is the church, the chest hospital and the D3 bus stop. Where are these late night revellers supposed to go?


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