CCTV petition to the council

Today I went to the full Council meeting to present the CCTV petition and the wording was as follows:

This petition was collected by the mother of a child that has been molested twice on our estate and because her daughter matters to her. I present this petition on behalf of Parkview Neighbourhood Watch because every child matters to us.

The petition asks “Tower Hamlets Council” for CCTV within the housing blocks (especially Mark and Sidney House), on Parkview Estate. However it could also include cameras trained strategically on the roads towards entrances of blocks.

Parkview Estate lays in a triangle between Regents Canal (Sewardstone Road), Old Ford Road, St. James Avenue, London E2.

Parkview Estate is surrounded by busy roads, which carry a very substantive amount of through traffic going to the Blackwell Tunnel and the A 12 with traffic coming from the Blackwell Tunnel and the city centre via Hackney Road and Old Ford Road. These roads will carry traffic to the Olympic site.

The estate is directly next to Victoria Park that also attracts many visitors who attend open air music shows at the park.  The estate includes shops, a church, community centre and a school.

This constant busy traffic increases the health and safety risk of local residents who also have to cope with pedestrians coming through the park from Hackney. Recently we had an attack on a passing motorist, shootings, an attack on a church volunteer from pedestrians coming from Victoria Park.

A young school girl was sexually assaulted twice when she took the lift to her flat in Sidney House. I understand that existing CCTV cameras are only mock and that is a well-known fact for locals.

All new housing developments in the private sector have CCTV as a matter of routine and we want to enjoy the same standard of protection.

CCTV would ease the burden of solving problems considerably. CCTV certainly would repel any systematic and/or spontaneous anti-social elements that operate on or around our estate. 

Whilst considerable savings could be made with CCTV, it seems that this council supports criminal mentality by naming 2 tower blocks (Peter and Painter House) after 2 cop killers and anarchists instead of enabling better crime prevention. Rate payers don’t want this, they want to save money, they want good policing and a save environment to live in.

Councillor Stephanie Eaton then asked a question whether stationery CCTV would help us, the ones  with rewind tapes, which I acknowledged as correct. The Labour councillor asked if I contacted a councillor about this and since he never answered any e-mails in the past, of course I did not bother.

The lead Councillor for a safer, cleaner, greener borough said that it was up to the police to recommend CCTV. I said I sit on the SNT local panel and in fact the police had handed the petition to me.

In the result of the answers received from the ruling Labour councillor we can see that this council would not want to take preventive measures of CCTV in all buildings to stop crime from happening but would only consider CCTV once so much crime has been committed that it became necessary.

Private housing developments would not use such arguments, they would put CCTV as crime prevention measures. What this Labour council does not want to acknowledge is that crime needs victims and this council will risk many victims of crime before they would to anything for us. Shame on this council.


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