My yearly xmas prezzie from THH has arrived

It’s happened since a few years now that at Christmas either Tower Hamlets Council (when they were still in charge of housing) and now Tower Hamlets Homes send me a rent statement that shows that I am in arrears with my rent over the Christmas period.

However when I look at my bank account that shows that my rent payment has gone out as usual on the same day of each week as every week during the year.

When I previously complaint about the unreasonable reminder and the statement that shows my rent account in arrears when in fact my rent is paid by direct debit, I get the reply that the rent has not appeared in my rent account on the due date.

A problem of passing it from the bank to the council and within the housing admin system something might have gotten stuck over Christmas. Yet this letter proposedly showing my rent account in arrears makes me look bad for no reason whatsoever.

I have paid my rent by direct debit as advised by the Tower Hamlets Homes housing department, they constantly encourage us to pay by direct debit.

I honestly feel that it is not a fault of mine if my paid rent money doesn’t arrive in my rent account on time as it leave my bank account each and every week without fail and I can proof that.

Just shows that Tower Hamlets is over eager to collect rents and wastes unnecessary amounts of money to chase debts that do not exist. I assume it’s not only me that gets those letters. To count the cost,postage of that letter cots 25p, that doesn’t include the prize of the paper and the prize of printing, nor the time it costs to print and process that letter, that is a complete waste of time. In fact should THH take the matter further I can even charge them costs and compensation as I can proof that my rent payments have left my account in time without fail each week.

These unnecessary costs are a burden to all of us and it would be interesting to compile a file of all those who get these letters of THH, who have paid their rent and being accused without good reason of not having paid their rents to keep all our costs and rates and service charges down.


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