water supply Rosebery House

I just came off the phone to the repairs hotline and been told that Tower Hamlets Homes received many complaints not just from nos 9, 12, 15 Rosebery House.

I have explained the situation again and the matter is now passed to the senior managers in the technical section.

We have not had any drinking water since yesterday morning. I rang up at 7am and told to ring back at 8am.  I rang up at 8am and been told to ring up after 9am.

At 7am the water was still trickling through the pipe and it could still have been defrosted then and Tower Hamlets Homes repairs services refused to take action.

Now the strange situation is that all our domestic appliances and the hot water and boiler depend on the drinking water supply. Why do we need drinking water for our boiler and in our washing machine in any case?

I have now asked that an emergency circumvention of the plumbing system takes place so that boilers and domestic appliances get fed from the domestic water supply instead from the drinking water.

Last night  the worker from the Tower Hamlets Homes emergency services told me that 9 inches of the water-pipe on the roof of our block have not been insulated and that is why the drinking water supply is frozen, apparently our drinking water goes up on our roofs and is then diverted into vertical stacks to the flats.

I have now written 2 letters to Tower Hamlets Homes and think it is intolerable that we cannot even have our washing machines running because the drinking water supply is frozen in the pipes. We can always buy water in the shop but our washing machines don’t work without constant water supply through a pipe.


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