no drinking water, no hot water, no heating

during the coldest night this year, when temperatures fall as low as -20. That is what we residents at 9, 12, 15 Rosebery House have to suffer because 9 inches of water pipe have not been insulated on the roof, the pipes that supply our flats with fresh water, the same fresh water supplies our boilers, the boilers make hot water and also our washing machines depend on this water supply.

Hence we’ll have no central heating and we can’t even have a shower or a bath nor wash our clothes. The plumbers cannot do anything about it because if they tried to warm the pipe, it may bust the pipe or damage the tank. What Tower Hamlets Homes needs to do is insulate this 9 inches of pipe as soon as it gets warmer and I shall definitely be on to them tomorrow about this.

It is obviously a failure that this piece of pipe has not been insulated so far.

Up-date at 22:56.

I have now faxed and e-mailed a not so friendly letter to Tower Hamlets Homes seeking assurance that  the frozen water tank gets de-frosted, because if the cold weather persists for another 3 months we would be without water for that amount of time, that is intolerable.

We are not in the middle of the country side where freak weather disrupts all kinds of supplies and our particular problem is merely due to a pipe that has not been insulated over a stretch of 9 inches.


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