Of course CCTV is not “THE” solution to solving and preventing crime but it helps. It discourages from unwanted elements choosing our area to settle to carry out their unwanted deeds.

What came out in the many meetings I attended the most was people’s desire to return to estate based care takers, staff being there. That of course also includes regular patrolling of uniformed police officers instead of policing on demand and in shifts.

But with the CCTV the first milestone or hurdle I had to cross was the fact whom to address such a request to.  When I asked the council they tell me its Tower Hamlets Homes’ responsibility and that they could buy into the remote mobile CCTV or constantly monitored service but feel very frustrated by the attitude that our security and safety should be subject to a financial ability of an Arms Length Management organisation or ALMO for short when LBTH still owns the estate and buildings within. LBTH certainly maintain the highways going around and through the estate.

I shall seek to present a Deputation about this to the council and will see what the response is going to be. Further updates on the subject as and when available. If you wish to accompany me to the presentation at the town hall please contact me.


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