Stealing your Christmas Turkey?

I think not,  this advice is not appreciated by law-abiding citizen like myself. 

I always think there are good times and there are bad times and in bad times I just restrict myself to what I can afford and just can’t have the rest. My worst week ever was when I was younger and lived on a loaf of bread and tub of margarine for a week.

I understand the problems with not getting benefits, I once took the very original step and went into my local police station to report the benefits agency for theft because they did not pay my benefit on time to which I was lawfully entitled.

What would help is if people who have problems getting their benefits go to the homes of their political representatives and demonstrate outside to make them aware of the problem,  they could also start a FACEBOOK campaign to meet in designated areas,central to each region to demonstrate for the lack of food to get soup kitchens organised. There are free computer terminals in libraries or other places.

Individual  theft in supermarkets leads to an over-stretching of the police force because each supermarket will have to report the theft, a police car will have to be sent to take the report and you will be charged and that is not a practicable way to go about that problem.

What also doesn’t help those seriously in trouble over food are those who abuse begging to simply up their income by doing it anyhow so that many people just simply do not give to beggars any longer.

I think we need soup kitchens for those in need and a channeling of funds into such establishments because this is cheaper than driving masses of people into crime.

I understand that the Archdeacon of York has criticized the priest in question and so has the British Retail Consortium. I was under the impression that churches usually provide relief in form of soup kitchens for needy parishioners but that doesn’t seem  to be the case any longer.  But in any case Christmas is not about having the most things at Christmas but to celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ at Christmas and to celebrate with those we love and to encourage friendship and love.  I am astonished that we see this Robbing Hood attitude again but no common sense advice in this case.  There are plenty of people who have miserable Christmases this year and I remember some I had when I was younger but we should stay strong and never fall foul of the law.


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