Habanas appeal

Got a letter from the LBTH in the post today, informing me that Habanas have lodged an appeal against the decision of the licensing sub-committee to refuse their application for a license of a wine bar with opening times  till 1am in the morning.

I have been asked by the council to appear as a witness to reiterate in court the reasons Parkview Neighbourhood Watch objects to this application.

I would like to assure businesses we encourage business wherever we can but there is a record number of complaints and objections against.  I objected because in the application Parkview was not consulted because it was thought to me more than 40 metres away but in fact it is only 7.5 metres away. Considering we’ll also get the new playground just across the road, and lots of through traffic, and there are people residing in the immediate vicinity of the planned wine bar that do have to go to work in the morning. The only people who would be using the proposed wine bar would be the local residents and they don’t want it. The through traffic cannot park there to pop out for a drink just to continue driving afterwards and the few and far between festivals in the park would hardly generate enough business.

My objection was published in the list of objections and the objections were supported by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, namely the police.

I shall have to appear at Thames Magistrates court at a date unknown as yet.


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