CCTV petition submitted

I have submitted the CCTV petition today to both Tower Hamlets Homes and Tower Hamlets Council because we can do with V in the blocks and the roads going through our estate.

Having addressed both chief executives, it should get good attention and I also invited both THH and LBTH to send a representative to our next neighbourhood watch meeting to be held at St. James the Less church hall, St. James the Less Avenue, Wednesday 10 February 2010 at 7:30 pm.

We should appreciate and nurture our Neighbourhood Watch because I recently spoke to a lady who is scared to go home in the evening and asks her husband to collect her from the station because the amount of persons approaching her on her way home when she is alone has trebled. This is not on our estate.

She had an increase in loitering passers-by and also suspicious persons calling at her house and this has increased since their Neighbourhood Watch was disbanded. There is strength in numbers and also the knowledge what to do and how to report matters of concern is assisted by Neighbourhood Watch groups who can give residents resilience and strength to combat the feeling of helplessness and not knowing what to do when for example being confronted by a person who looks through the letterbox and tries to open it by putting their hand through despite the residents sitting in view of it, or people being mugged in the vicinity. I was under the impression that the incidences of crime in the area had multiplied since that lady’s Neighbourhood Watch stopped operating and hope we can avoid the same mistake in our area.


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