Playground consultation 4-12-09

I arrived about an hour late to find a well attended hall of people, including Ben Mott SNT PC and Councillor Stephany Eaton, as well as staff from THH and the Playground consultant.

A plan of the proposed playground was provided and it looked good, the play equipment was grouped in and around the existing trees. The play ground is kept as far as possible away from the Mark House dwellings.

There were some arguments in favour and some against and a petition against was presented, which prompted the promise of a petition for to be delivered soon.

Statistics show that playgrounds essentially reduce anti-social behaviour rather than cause it and that playground would provide alternative space for those kids who currently spend time on the bin chutes of Mark House, which can be very dangerous.

The money was made available by a central government fund and Parkview became a beneficiary because we are one of the few estates in the area, without a designated play area.

Parkview TRA approved the building of an external playground last year and it was just a question of the location.

Children were asked, which equipment they wanted last time and they eagerly pointed out their choices.

Local police promised to monitor the playground closely for 6 months and the equipment has a maintenance contract for it. I eagerly await the outcome of the decision-making process and think the consultation process is extensive. Of course we could not have been consulted prior to the money being approved and a site designated as there is no point discussing something that has no definition to it.  At this stage only residents of Mark House have till Monday to hand in any petition, for or against to the THH consulting team.


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