PNW meeting 1 December 2009

This ordinary meeting of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch lasted 15 minutes and had to be terminated because a resident behaved in such a manner that it was not possible to continue with the meeting, the resident refused to leave and therefore all present left.

This resident will shortly receive a letter asking him/her not to attend any further meetings and can only attend further meetings of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch on application to the committee members.

The Parkview Neighbourhood Watch meets to cater for all residents, including, old, young, sick, disabled and we cannot have persons coming to meetings causing such distress that the whole meeting has to be called off. The meeting took considerable time to prepare and residents came to discuss urgent matters.

Unfortunately the police or housing officer were not present.

Minutes of this meeting will be distributed only to those professionally involved in the meeting, to residents present at the meeting and the police.

A meeting place and date for the next meeting will be published at the earliest opportunity.

Please note, that anybody who acts on behalf of Parkview Neighbourhood Watch will have to show an ID badge with their photo on. If any persons says they act  for Parkview Neighbourhood Watch but does not have this badge, they commit an offense and please inform us or the police immediately. This is necessary for insurance purposes.


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