Phishing scams

Currently I am getting an enormous amount of phishing e-mails and they usually go to huge mailing lists, so I thought I share my concerns with you.

They come from all sorts of banks,even the ones I do not bank with, include an eBay address and even Shell.

They usually ask you to verify your log in details, promise that you won money and all you need to do is send some money to get the huge amount you’ve won or give your banking details.

Also very popular are e-mails that promise you a job and all you have to do is accept money into an account and you get 10% of the money, that is money laundering in my view.

Also mainly of African origin are the ones that ask you to take receipt of monies from Africa, e.g. widows want to get money out of the country and ask you to receive it for you, also money laundering or just an attempt to get hold of your account details for ID fraud or clear out your account.

Yesterday I had a warning that an e-mail is going around that contains a virus titled Convite.

Having been a webmaster since over 10 years at the worst times I can get as much as 300 dodgy e-mails per day and I am well used to spotting the nasty ones.

Advice: Do not follow any links about banking, eBay account verification, do not give your bank account details, do not send money to get a bigger prize. If in doubt ask me for advice, which I will give as much as my time allows.

If you are unsure you can check by looking at the URL, does it start with https, what is the rest of the web addres. Go to the website of the bank or eBay and look what it says at the top line and then compare it with the URL the phishing scam wants to send you to. They often look and sound genuine on first sight, so it can be tricky, but just to save yourself time, do not look at all and talk to your bank.

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